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gateway ta6 laptop

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^ It's a while since I used XP, but that should be possible:

It sounds like your computer is more or less falling apart already. Open it further and disconnect the power to the track pad. Even more drastic ;)

Another option: Turning a crappy old Windows PC into a full-fledged Chromebook with CloudReady | Ars Technica

Yes. Making the best. When I touch the main pad and move my fingertip, the cursor stays in one place and vibrates, then jumps unpredictably. To its right is a narrow vertical column with up and down chevrons that apparently does nothing. Below these are a long horizontal bar that corresponds to mouse left click, and to its right is a shorter bar that gives a page submenu. I'm seriously considering uninstalling the touch pad driver, as I found no 'disable when usb or mouse connected' option.

I installed Revo uninstaller free, as advised. Will that enable reinstallation of tablet drivers at any future time if needed? I'd feel better uninstalling, if I knew it could be restored. Other than that, I'm still wondering how the tablet 'senses' and if I could cover it with a plate of something instead of pulling the drivers and possibly destabilizing anything else.

If push comes to could remove its driver and disable the device in the Windows Device Manager. That means though that you will not be able to use the trackpad at all. Be sure to carry a working computer mouse with you the whole time when you decide to go drastic like this.
-Shades (December 28, 2015, 05:17 AM)
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Is this it? Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad. "Sample rate 100 reports/second".


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