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Upgrading and slowing

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Not using the latest version is often the best solution.

Win7, office 2007, Adobe CS2, autocad 2011 will do wonders on your I7. Honestly.
-eleman (December 20, 2015, 11:21 AM)
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I'll squeeze Office 2010 here because only that version (earliest / unclear later) combined with a custom add-in, gave me unprecedented control over Excel I have never seen before or since, including a god mode and like 2.5 menus.

But prob is "Win 10" is becoming one of those milestones, where "MS is Doing Things" so I wanna stay current on that one.

My current plan is to give it 4-7 more months to shake out.

@contro: Please disclose the AV product you are using, as some are making a fast system crawl, and a slower system unusable slow.
-Ath (December 20, 2015, 03:53 PM)
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I medium soon have to get a grip on my AV, my whole sys is dying, but I have no idea how good any of Win 10's native stuff is, I just haven't read the 7-12 articles.


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