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[PopUpWisdom] Cant modify quote files w. install version


Looking closer at PopUp Wisdom, I'm embarrassed to see it has at least some of the editing functionality I was requesting lately** -- so thumbsup to you mouser :up: and a fat :-[ for me

** ability to edit current file via the popup quote (just click on [menu] etc.)

But, I have run into a problem with the install version - the books cannot be modified/saved, presumably because they are in the Program Files (x86) folder (and I dont have permission I guess).
Note: this really just a heads-up. I'll move to portable version (but can test any new version).

the quote files are stored in (I think this is default):
C:\Program Files (x86)\PopUpWisdom\Books\
when I try to edit one, I get the following message:
Error saving "C:\Program Files (x86)\PopUpWisdom\Books\obliques.txt"!
Probably the file is locked by another application.

Windows 7 pro, x64; UAC high (possibly at highest level); "PopUpWisdom v1.08.01"

Solution here is to move to the portable version.

If you wish to transfer your settings [see edit below]

* disable 'Start with Windows' in preferences (of your installed PopupWisdom)
* exit
* download portable version, unzip and 'install' wherever
* start portable version and make any changes in the preferences (doesnt matter what: will be replaced)
* [step #4 causes a PopUpWisdom.ini file to be created in the portable folder]
* replace the PopUpWisdom.ini file in the portable folder with the one in My Documents:  ...\My Documents\DonationCoder\PopupWisdom\PopUpWisdom.ini
* start the portable PopUpWisdom.exe
* in preferences reactivate 'Start with Windows' (if you want)
EDIT// in retrospect, it would be easier to simply copy the ini file into the portable folder without modifying the preferences first (i.e. leave out step #4!)

Thanks for posting this.


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