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How do I save to Clipboard as a file from the edit screen?



I use the 'To Clipboard: File' option on the New Screenshot window all the time.
However often I need to make some annotations to a screenshot and then quickly save a selected region of the screenshot to a file in the clipboard. If this is possible, how do I do this. I don't seem to be able to find the option in the Edit menu's Copy to Clipboard choices.
In other words I'm looking for the option: Copy currently selected *region* to clipboard (as file)

Thank you.

How do I save to Clipboard as a file from the edit screen?

There is no direct way to do this, it's an interesting question though..
The fastest way to currently do what you want would be:
1. Select region, choose crop, then Save+ to save the cropped image as new screenhot with autoname, then copy image to clipboard.
2. Select region, choose "Save selected region to new file", then select that new file and copy to clipboard.

It might make sense for me to add a new menu item in Edit menu copy to clipboard that said "Copy selected region to clipboard as bitmap"

But that wouldn't exactly answer your question if you need the region copied to clipboard as a FILE.


Thank you Mouser,

I'll try these. Would be good if I could use screenshot captor to take screenshots of itself, that'd solve the problem.

The option to 'Copy selected region to clipboard as bitmap' is there already. Unfortunately I can't paste bitmaps into Lync...


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