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NANY 2016 :Window resize keys (grids X*Y where X,Y = 1 to 5)

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Resize you window for multiple side by side monitors using only keyboard short cuts.

Icon         :
Keys         :  ctrl + win + cursor
Compatible : Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2012 R2, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
                  (win + cursor still works for win 7+)
Executable : see at the bottom of this post..

A large window shortens the side pointed at with the cursor direction.
A small window extends to the side in cursor direction.

You can change the sizing delta to half, one third, one fourth or one fifth of the monitor work area . Work area is somewhat smaller than the screen size because it takes the task bar into account.
You can align windows to a grid 1x1 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, or any combinations of these grids.

Short cut keys:

key combination description ctrl + win + left,  ctrl + win + right Easily shorten or extend the width of a window to any of the four sides within the work area of your (side by side) monitor(s) ctrl + win + up,  ctrl + win +down Easily shorten or extend the height of a window to any of the four sides within the work area of your (side by side) monitor(s) change resize part/increment ctrl + win + 1 define resize part as the full monitor's work area (extends side of window) ctrl + win + 2 define resize part as half of the monitor's work area (default) window can be full, half or quarter of the screen ctrl + win + 3 define resize part as one third of the monitor's work area (default) ctrl + win + 4 define resize part as one fourth of the monitor's work area (e.g. for full hd monitors 1920x1080 or 1920x1200) ctrl + win + 5 define resize part as one fifth of the monitor's work area (for large monitors e.g. 4k uhd)

Cycle trough different sizes:
 When you press a key combinations multiple times the width and height will cycle through different sizes. Use this to peek under current window or store window to the side for a moment

The following Resizing rules are applied:
 If window height or width larger than 2 resize parts - 3px then reduce the height/width with resize part  (opposite cursor direction).
 When  windows height/width smaller than 2 resize parts -3px  then extend window side in cursor direction.

Align with grid 1x1 2x2 3x3 4x4 5x5
 if you extend to the sides using ctrl + win + left and ctrl + win + right, ctrl + win + up and ctrl + win + down,
 then  you can resize your window to fit any contiguous rectangle in one of the grids which as depicted below

Please Note: To maximize the flexibility this windows management tool the width and height changes are all done relative to current window position and width and height.
So this won't automatically align with the grid (like gridmove), you must extend to a side (using the key combinations) to be able align with the grid. All combinations are possible.

NANY 2016 :Window resize keys (grids X*Y where X,Y = 1 to 5)

full work area after pressing ctrl+win+1
2x2 grid after pressing ctrl+win+2 (dafault)
3x3 grid after pressing ctrl+win+3
4x4 grid after pressing ctrl+win+4
5x5 grid after pressing ctrl+win+5
2x3 grid press ctrl+win+2 before up or down and press ctrl+win+3 before crtl+win+left or right

additional features:
- if window was maximized then window is restored to previous size automatically so you don't have to restore it using your mouse.
- when top left of window outside work area of your monitors, it will be moved to top left of work area of primary monitor, to easily restore lost windows
- can be used in combination with win+cursor in win7+

known issues:
- all windows obey their minimum window width and minimum window height, so small windows might overlap other windows when using the grid.
- no instruction apart from these.
- must add some visuals to this post.
- ctrl+win+digit is already used by windows 7+ (see post below), this tool will overrule the taskbar function.

enjoy  :D

v1.00 : first public version (downloaded 9 times)
v1.01 : added grid ctrl+win+1 to allow immediate extend when using ctrl+win+cursor (download 1 time)
v1.02 : 2x2 (ctrl+win+2) is now the default grid size (instead of 3x3)

Sounds interesting :up:

thanks for the thumps up,
executable is now added to first post.

My first impressions with this tool are that it works as advertised, claiming very little RAM and hardly any other resources.  :Thmbsup:

For reference, I tried it on a Windows Server 2012 R2 PC.

Note I'm trying this on a single monitor setup (Win.7 x64)

took me a moment to understand that the Win+Ctrl+[number] are simply to define the grid.
I really like the dividing in fifths (e.g. one window @four-fifths of screen, the other a column on the side).

There is some behaviour I find confusing:

1) I've got to press Win+Ctrl+RightArrow for the window to move 'shrink' to left side of screen (maybe I'm misunderstanding and it's just cycling, but I am a bit confused by the sequence, complicated by #2 below)

2) if I press e.g. Win+Ctrl+RightArrow, and then press Win+Ctrl+LeftArrow before cycling through all the options, the window gets stuck in a sort-of no-mans-land -- it is difficult (impossible?) to get it to go full screen size again (I start maximised). If I maximise via titlebar, and try again, it still doesnt work correctly. (I will try and get a more accurate description of this behaviour.)


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