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Opt-in before January 31, 2016 to keep your current OneDrive storage size

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Microsoft once offered unlimited storage on its version of Cloud storage but threw a hissy fit when it realized that some are actually taking advantage utilizing the free storage. So long story short, if you have had any free storage allocated to your account, you have to go to this link to retain your current storage size else it will be reduced to 5GB.

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Thanks! I came here to post about this too. :Thmbsup:

Stoic Joker:
If I agree to allow OneDrive Preview to access my address book, profile info, and let it add/remove storage as it wishes? Um... no. They can keep the extra storage...I don't need it that badly.

Just a reminder for those that have forgotten - - you are running short of time.  ;)

@lanux128: Thanks for posting this. I did actually already know that I had a limited time to opt-in, and so promptly opted-in, but your post would have been a useful nudge had I not known about it.


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