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PokéWorld - Pokémon MMO...On Discord!


Well, Discord is aimed to be for gamers, but when it comes to the platform, there is no real way to play anything fun through it...well...that's what I thought!

Bored one night, I was googling around for Discord Bots to add to my server to give me something to do.  After a while I stumbled upon a random one  called PokéWorld.  Now, at first, I thought it was going to be something stupid like "just type a command, get a random pokemon, and go about your day"...but I was very very wrong!

Curious..I added the bot to my server, and located the command to start which point I was met with

PokéWorld - Pokémon MMO...On Discord!

Hmm...this is interesting...not quite what I expected!...So, l let's get on with it...I wonder where I can choose?

PokéWorld - Pokémon MMO...On Discord!

Holy crap...OK...I don't really know what any of these contain, so...I picked a random one!

So...clicking through some more stuff...I finally got to this:

PokéWorld - Pokémon MMO...On Discord! I have things!  Oh, and I also got my starter Pokémon too!

PokéWorld - Pokémon MMO...On Discord!

Now, I guess it's time to see what the hell I can do!

PokéWorld - Pokémon MMO...On Discord!

Hmm, ok, so, I can travel around the areas, fighting and catching pokemon, and becoming the very best, like no-one ever was!


I would add more screenshots into this mini-review (or whatever this just became),'s kinda pointless...because that bot was Alpha, and they are VERY close to releasing Beta, which, for a Discord bot, is VERY advanced.

The community they have there is fantastic, and the developer (this guy: is brilliant at what he does!

For those curious about following the development (and maybe playing!), then join their discord here:

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars (For Alpha) - No rating on Beta due to it not being released yet!

Highly recommended for those looking for old-school text-games mixed with MMO/Modern games!

So it's a Pokemon MUD?

Erm, yeah, I guess essentially it is.  :D


Alpha went offline roughly a week or so after I made the original post, and since then the developer has claimed to have been "working on beta".  The attention seems to have turned to milking the 3k people in his server for as many donations as possible, with 0 proof the beta version even exists (8-9 months after the previous build went offline.)


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