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DonationCoder thread for LudumDare34 Dec 2015

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This time I am joining the #ludumdare channel at

This is the thread starter.

Placeholder for a later writeup.

My first best pick ended up being an intensive playtester for a turn strategy game with developer Tetha.
Terror Plant From Outer Space

More stuff coming in a few days!

LD Page:

Game page:

This is the first post where I'll list games too cute to ignore, but not my usual full workup.

These first couple games share some similarities. No life score, no timer, no exhausted resources, just puzzles (with some threats, sure) but no artificial pressure.

The first one is more disorienting, as it involves a lot of jumping in teleporters and toggling levers back and forth.

New for me in LD this time is visiting the IRC chat. This one is by Verra / Verrazano

This one is less confusing per se. You play a carnivore plant (deja vu!) that decides it wants to take classes from Tarzan. So you swing on a sort of telepathic rope-line to catch way station markers and swingyour way around the course layouts. Again the first few levels are nice and simple, though I ran out of energy because the difficulty jumps when you hit one of the spike levels.

Sector 9
alvaromartin / Alvaro Martin Lopez

As a reminder, this LD included a "half theme" of "(sometimes) only using two buttons for control" so that leads to an odd holistic feel if you're not expecting it. I felt it was one of the more "unstable themes" that could be hard to flow naturally, so one category is "endless runner" where movement isn't in the controls so your leftover two do things.

This one has an interesting gravity mechanic (which makes the first level when you reload the page a hysterical echo of the old shortcuts in Mario Brothers Nintendo series!). It's simple (I think so far!) and LD is about staying in scope to escape alive with a working game. Interesting grey-ness of the color scheme, and I wonder if that saved time because a joke in LD is "Damn I wasted 8 hours on my art and now my game has bugs and time's up!!"

2 Growing Buttons by psypol - Compo Entry

Extremely simple game but per the site notes the guy isn't a coder, but found something and gave it his all, and made a game and I don't see any / many bugs. And it is the closest I've seen to a private joke about a program I made as a child some 28 years ago and now it reminds me of "avoiding random people here in New York City wandering around looking at their cell phones and you have to dodge them" : ) So that's fine for the honorable mention thread!

Placeholder for World Grower by rhebsgaard
Downloads only (someone remarked if this is increasing this LD!)

It's a fun cute mini-SimCity.


Full Metal Democracy by deepnight

You control a pair of Giant Robots!  :Thmbsup:

( ... and they say this entry is not as good as this guy's other games?! Uh oh...)


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