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IDEA: LOLCODE: a silly snack in a silly language

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Greetings, and I am so excited to post my first snack request on the form! It's more of a challenge to anyone to learn a different coding language called LOLCODE

I want to see anything silly or useful this language can produce, and given that snacks are supposed to be fun and silly and only take a couple of hours, I'd like to see anything anyone can produce!

I will try every program posted in this thread!

Have fun!

EDIT: I just reread the "Read Me First" topic and I need to be specific. Based on the LOLCODE specs, I don't even know what I'd want... Hmmm... I got it! How about the user inputs a list, that list is passed to a function which sorts the array by name, returns it, and outputs it. A list-alphabetizer.


Side note, if a dev gets fed up and writes part of key company code in LolCode and it works as intended, and later leaves, is that considered one of the computer crimes?

Why not COBOL?

Why not COBOL?
-Tuxman (December 13, 2015, 08:02 AM)
--- End quote ---

COBOL is not a silly language. COBOL is an asinine language.

Can you do web development in LOLCODE?


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