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Is there really a new version 2.226.01?


At I see:

Download v2.226.01
(or get the portable zip)
Windows 2K/XP/x64/VISTA/Win7/Win8
June 26, 2015

Is this a hack?

* Why is the date of this release set to June 26?
* FARR itself presents it as a Beta.
Nothing mentioned about that on the site. :tellme: Very confusing for sure  :tellme:
I don't feel comfortable downloading it.

I downloaded and updated. Looks OK to me.
I think mouser forgot to update the date on the website, NANY pressure  :)



Nothing to be alarmed about -- I just discovered that, despite releasing v2.226 in June, I had never made the update "official" according to the update checker -- so people weren't informed about it.  That sometimes happens when I release a minor update and I'm not sure if I'm going to release another one soon after.

So all I did yesterday was tell the updater about v2.226, so people who had not gotten it between June and December would be alerted about it.


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