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backup(restore) files in a printed paper

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I found a software for it and it is open source:

my request is, how about implementing this app for android phones? but instead of scanner, to use a high-res camera.

Have you tested data recovery using a photograph rather than a scan?

Also I wonder if the program accepts JPG input, or is a bmp conversion required first?

Note: I am just thinking aloud (such as it is). I have no ability whatever to actually accomplish what you want. However I think the original program is pretty neat; I'd never heard of such a thing. Funny how a concept that seems like it should belong in the 1970s is really something like a predecessor to a QR code.

I remember watching an item on BBC's Tomorrow's World where they used something similar to QR codes to do the same thing - I think that was back in the '80s.

How much data are you talking about?

There are already QR code generators/readers available for Android that will let you encode/decode text.

See this thread from way back:

Interestingly, even though it's a discussion largely about PaperBack, I didn't seen an actual link to PaperBack itself - just a link to a page (now defunct) talking about it and presumably providing a link.


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