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PixivUtilAssit - For the Pixiv Obsessed


Wow, already uploading my second application, I'm getting goosebumps!

Thank you for your interest in PixivUtilAssist. This is a simple command line utility to automate the process of downloading images from the Japanese artist website Pixiv.

This program requires a few things to run: Firefox, the Firefox addon AppLauncher, and nandaka's Pixiv Downloader.

Extract and configure nandaka's Pixiv Downloader and place the PixivUtilAssist in the same directory.

After installing the AppLauncher addon on Firefox, configure the preferences to point to the PixivUtilAssist program and put "&url;" without the quotes in the argument field.

PixivUtilAssit - For the Pixiv Obsessed

Browse to your favorite pixiv image and right click and navigate to the AppLauncher selection and watch your automated download at work! You can do this for individual illustrations to download a single image or to a profile to download a user's entire gallery!

Cheers and shoutouts to nandaka for constantly keeping up with pixiv's changes and maintaining the program for as long as they have!


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