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Copy/pasting code and the last line effect

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I just copy/pasted some (test) code. But never you worry, I'll pay extra attention that the last one of the pasted lines is correct ;)

Read this article today about what the author calls the last line effect.

I've made the last line effect mistake many times -- didn't know there was a name for it!

I just caught myself making a "last line effect" copy/paste error. My brain farted and I edited the last line to be exactly the same as the second-to-last line. :o


I dunno, I might disagree with this line:
"Not because they are tired..."

I think the joy is *because they are tired* because depending on how many blocks they did, they are tired of tedium rather than being creative solving a new problem, but instead are cranking out copied blocks with mods.

If it was just a 4 line program, it wouldn't happen. But it's probably after a lot of OTHER hard and/or tedious stuff, and then they just get disgusted.

Happened with me many times. Either the compiler or the run time error points my mistake.

I think the mind really gets 'tired' of repeated copy-paste-change work and starts registering 'Oh come on, it is done' before the last line ends.  :)


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