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CAT5 splitter?

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Hi, I'm hoping the collective wisdom will help me find something I'm looking for: a 1:1 CAT5 "Wye" or splitter or distributer.

I have audio distributed in my house via CAT5 (and sometimes CAT6) using AV "Baluns" at each end. These Baluns are expensive and I need two for each connection. I have a audio splitter in the basement that divides the audio to these baluns, one for each destination.

However it occurred to me today that I really only need one balun at the source, if I can find a way to divide the signal among the CAT5 cables after the balun. So what I need is a CAT5 splitter. However I'm having trouble figuring out if these exist.

To be clear, this is NOT an ethernet connection, it's something else, using 8-conductor twisted-pair wiring.

The little phone-splitter-like plastic thingys seem to mostly divide up the pins, four to each side of the wye. I don't think a switch would work, and I'm not sure about a hub. Anyone have any ideas?


Stoic Joker:
Like so?

"parallel" is the key word I was looking for, I guess. I was confused by conflicting reviews of e.g. this product which has the typical problem of amazon combining reviews of many products, or this one which has a pinout explicitly not what I want.

I guess cheap is what I need!

Aren't you gaining a lot of interference this way?

Because any wire that carries an electric signal will act as a antenna. And the internal wires of a cat 5 cable are pretty densely twisted...which is done on purpose, as there are only 4 wires that carry signals while the other 4 act as "dummies", catching as much external interference as possible, so the signal carrying wires have a better chance of getting their signals through.


Aren't you gaining a lot of interference this way?
-Shades (December 03, 2015, 05:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'm not sure how a couple inches of "untwisted pair" is going to introduce that much interference. I guess I am worried about having that much less "amplitude" by dividing the signal into two runs, which in turn may worsen SNR.

For the price I guess I can try it!


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