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Article on JS V8 math.random()


This is an interesting and very well written article on random number generation:

1 short snippet from it:

The same thing is happening with the V8 PRNG and our random identifiers — under certain conditions, the PRNG’s lack of randomness is making it less likely that we’ll see a collision.

In this case the generator’s determinism worked in our favor, but that’s not always true. The general lesson here is that, even for a high quality PRNG, you can’t assume a random distribution unless the generator’s cycle length is much larger than the number of random values you’re generating.
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More at the link.

Interesting read, even if it was a bit above my understanding. :)

Interesting read, even if it was a bit above my understanding. :)
-Deozaan (November 21, 2015, 05:02 PM)
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You're not the only one. I understood a good amount of it, but not all of it.

Well, yes, Chrome's underlying "engines" are not actually known for being secure. Yesterday I've read another thing: Did you know that Chrom[e|ium] lets you force-install "admin" add-ons?


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