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HitmanPro.Alert and Screenshot Captor (Scrolling Window) Conflict


Anyone else with conflict between HitmanPro.Alert and Screenshot Captor Scrolling Window?
Suggestion for resolution?  Perhaps exclude a different/additional process in HMPA?

I posted the following excerpt yesterday.  (Issue 2 regards LastPass and HMPA encryption conflict.)

Has anyone else encountered conflicts between:
Screenshot Captor and HitmanPro.Alert?

Issue 1: Screenshot Captor (just snipping via scrolling window feature) by DonationCoder and HitmanPro.Alert conflict. I have to stop Screenshot Captor in order to cancel the .Alert warning (canceling many more times might work eventually). Excluding the main process via Exploit Mitigation was not sufficient. (Win7, multiple browsers, .Alert all features except encryption)

To reproduce, install SC trial and show Quick Capture Bar; with browser open to a page that scrolls, click on scrolling window button; loop the error message a few times; cancel snipping request via the tray icon.

Sounds like HMPA is detecting SC Scrolling capture as a screen-scraping attempt, similar to malware trying to read your credentials etc. from a browser?

Does a standard Screen capture using SC also trigger any Alert?

Sorry I did not make that clear.  The only problem is with scrolling but I have not tested extensively.  @Ath, something along the lines of your guess sounds logical to me, but at a more subtle level as a few other simple snapshots have worked.


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