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Is there a way to get start menu program sub tasks to appear at FARR?

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Is there a way to get  start menu program sub tasks to appear at FARR?
like the recent/frequnet on the image
It's more useful with other programs like chrome - show recent web pages and winscp - stored sessions

Yes, this is somewhat doable... at least I think. I'll see if I have time over the holidays to whip up something magical.

Zircle, I'm not 100% sure what you are asking, but your latest reply sounds intriguing!  Tell us what you have in mind (or email me directly, [email protected]).  Perhaps you are considering a FARR plugin/alias that could be a NANY 2016 release?

That's awesome, glad I brought it up.
BTW for NANY nothing can beat bible command line   ;D ;D ;D

Turns out someone beat me to it 7 years ago. It has exactly the features you are looking for:


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