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FARR alias for multi threaded file download with aria2


aria2 is "a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility". It can speed up download of large .iso files by using multiple threads.

Get and unzip aria2 and make a new alias in FARR with these settings


--- ---dl
regular expression pattern:

--- ---^dl (.*)$

--- ---dl aria2 $$1 | C:\folder\aria2c.exe -x 15 -s 15 -k 3M -d C:\downloads "$$1"
Note: change C:\folder\ and C:\downloads\ to match the folders on your computer. You can tweak the number of threads to use (-x -s values) and split file size (-k value) to max out your internet speed. Details on aria2 man page.

To use it put a file URI on the clipboard, open FARR and type "dl " and paste the url. A command line window pops up and shows the download progress.

nice, thanks for sharing!


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