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how to add FARR to file explorer context menu

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ok let me look into it and try to fix it, there's no reason it should be launching a second copy.
remind me what OS you are using.

Mouser, thanks for looking into it.

Above is on XP SP3, but it also happens on Win8. I can also check on my Win10 laptop if you want.

Some additional info:
- when invoking FARR multiple times using the new context menu item the total number of FARR's remains at 2.
- when you press a toolbar button on the 2nd/newest FARR, the other (older) FARR will popup and execute the selected command.
- I tried adding -exitifnotrunning to the command in the registry, but then FARR with the folder name stays open for less than a second :(

If you want FARR file in the context menu for every type of file (*)
then add the following 2 keys/nodes to the registry

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Farr file\command]
@="\"c:\\filemngr\\farr portable\\FindAndRunRobot.exe\" -search \"%1\""

For more detailed instructions see first post  ;)


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