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how to add FARR to file explorer context menu

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Would you like to be able to start FARR from the context menu (right-mouse click) within a file explorer like TotalCommander/xyplorer/...

For advanced users !

1. run regedit (XP)
2. find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\ in regedit
3. add key called FARR folder
4. within FARR add a key called command
5. then modify the standard field of command into the string below **please read remark below**

     "c:\filemngr\farr portable\findandrunrobot.exe" -search "%1"

     REMARK replace  c:\filemngr\farr portable\ with the path on your computer where you installed find and run robot
6. close regedit.
7. right click on a folder in for instance TotalCommander and select FARR folder option
8. FARR will appear with the name of the folder in the search field.

1. you can create a textfile with a registry entry e.g. folder_farr_context.reg containing:

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\FARR folder\command]
@="\"c:\\filemngr\\farr portable\\findandrunrobot.exe\" -search \"%1\""

Please note remark above. Extra warning use double back slashes.
2. then double click on the .reg file

--- update 1
Similar context menu for files instead of folders

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\FARR file\command]
@="\"c:\\filemngr\\farr portable\\FindAndRunRobot.exe\" -search \"%1\""

--- update 2
You can add a space at the end "%1 " instead of "%1" to replicate farr's behaviour when pressing cursor right in directory searching mode.
There might be shorter ways to do this, if so please leave your comments below.
enjoy :D

thanks for sharing that!!


something is in error, functionality worked almost as described however

1. the folder appears in a second farr window?

any ideas?

are you saying 2 copies of farr end up running?

are you sure both copies are FARR are located in same directory?

Yes, they are from the same folder
See also below in the screendump
both FARRs running fdebug (from another post)

farrdir variable value is equal to the other FARR's value

how to add FARR to file explorer context menu


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