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Moving between text edit field and results list using arrow keys

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it would be nice if the down arrow showed any extra results -
if I search for xx and it says 21 results, but is showing only nine,
PgDn will show all results - but only if I press it straight away.
If I e.g. use the up arrow key to get to result #9, I can no longer access the other 12 results -
that's when it would be nice to access those using the down arrow (or PgDn).
-tomos (November 24, 2012, 09:58 AM)
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There's a similar situation for the list that comes up for "Blank search shows files from launch history in initial results list...".  If pressing the down arrow key could show more history results, that might be handy.

Hmm...not an easy choice...

One addition

When in directory mode, the cursor left key on any line in the result area
not only switches to search field, it also removes the deepest folder from the search string on re-entry.

This is a short_keyboard_short_cut for [Ctrl-Backspace] inside the search field.

c:\user\wim\my documents

[cursor-Down][cursor-Left] becomes



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