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set the default contents of clipboard to contain two <cr> or add them after load


The intent is to end up with something that when pasted would put the item copied to clipboard PLUS two carriage returns.  I can't think of a better way to state it.  It would enable me to quickly cut and paste a number of items from various places into list or other document with a "double spaced" separation of the items without having to remember to hit "enter-enter" after each paste.  Since this is my main use of cut and paste it would be a great tool to have.  There may be other ways to automate this that I am not seeing.

You can do this easily in Clipboard Help and Spell, by creating and saving a Text Formatting Preset (which added to CRs to clip and any other changes you wanted), and then use the quick paste menu to trigger the pasting of the modified clip text, or even faster, define a custom hotkey for the saved Text Formatting Preset.

Another way, on the remote chance that you use Wordperfect, is to download the macro named, "Clipper". It has the option to set either one or two HRt and save it to a separate file at the end of the current document.


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