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"Chilling Effects" is now "Lumen"


The Chilling Effects web site has been renamed "Lumen".

Here's a snippet:

The Birth of “Lumen”

With all of that in mind, we felt that this latest incarnation of the project would be best served with a new and more inclusive name, accessible and comprehensible worldwide. We are therefore excited to announce that as of today, the Chilling Effects project and database will be known as “Lumen”:

Lumen, the measurement unit for visible light, epitomizes our interest in illuminating the online public sphere and the platforms through which all users of the Internet post, search, speak, and read. We plan to be a light shining onto requests to remove online content for many years to come. From a practical perspective, very little will change for our users and notice submitters. All links to existing Chilling Effects notices will continue to function normally, simply redirecting to our new domain of Notice numbers will remain unchanged, and will function as they currently do. After accommodating the name change and the change to our domain name in their internal procedures, bulk submitters will have the same access to our API that they currently do. And of course, the people on the Chilling Effects team will remain the same.
--- End quote ---

Somebody tell them to get an RSS feed going...


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