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Mouser - any way to batch/bulk edit LBC menu entries?

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Lolipop Jones:
We can wait a week (or two) - thanks!!

Lolipop Jones:
"it would be nice to move to an xml format.."

Now that would be an awesome update.  I understand that it's very non-trivial though.

That would be veeeeeery useful...

"paths and captions"
would be great to also get other options: arguments in command nodes would be important...

Please try the latest beta version v1.46.01 that I've just uploaded.
The new Search and Replace function is on the Tools menu.

Please backup your files FIRST!!!
This function could easily mess up lots of paths if it malfunctions or you do something stupid :)

Lolipop Jones:
I tested three find-replace sequences using the portable version of the beta.

(1) copy all references from E:\ to C:\
(2) copy all references from E:\ to %APPDRIVE%
(3) copy those all from %APPDRIVE% to D:\

The program file locations were replaced and as far as I can tell are all working OK.

The icon locations as they appear in the preferences screen seem not to have been replaced..

Interestingly, that seems to make no difference.  Icons still seem to show up correctly in the launchbar and in the taskbar flyout even though their pointers no longer exist, including both those icons which are part of an executable and those which are referenced as .ico files .

Thanks Mouser.......


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