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Mouser - any way to batch/bulk edit LBC menu entries?

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Lolipop Jones:
Let's say I have a directory containing 80-90 self contained applications, along with an install of LBC set up to access them all.   This is what's on my wife's computer under her E:\ drive.

Now she wants to replicate this functionality on her new laptop which has only a C:\ drive.  As far as I can tell there are three ways to get LBC to replicate the menu:

(1) repartition her laptop to C,D,E which is kind of overkill I think.
(2) set up a folder on C: which maps to E: on startup
(3) manually edit every entry on the LBC menu, changing every E in the program and icon location fields to a C.

Is there a plan (4) - a way to globally edit the menu and change pointer at once using search and replace?  It doesn't appear so.

its a great question.

there are a couple of answers:

1. LBC does have a kind of automatic "fix" mode that tries to check for drive letter changes -- but i dont remember which drives it checks.  you might try just copying the lbc to the other drive and chosing Tools ->Maintenance -> Find and report and then choose to fix paths.  see if that works.  if not i can probably make it work easily for your case.  it will only fix same path dif drive letter.

2. I do need to add a feature to let you do a find and replace on paths and captions, i will try to add that very soon.

3. You can also define LBC menu contents to be taken from a text file, at least to a limited degree.

If you can wait a week i can try to add option #2, it's way overdue.

Where are the paths stored, mouser?  I was going to try LBC to see... but since you're on, you can satisfy that curiosity.

they are in the .lbc file which currently uses its own internal binary data file format, so you cant just find and replace in it.
it would be nice to move to an xml format.


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