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question about audio

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New here,hi  :)

Still looking around and trying things out. Great community. But I do have a question about some shareware audio software
that I have registered quite some time ago.

It is called 'chevolume' and it works great but is a bit buggy sometimes. So I wanted to ask him about fixing these bugs but I
got no answer at all (since many months). You can still register and pay for it,just the owner is unavailable./unreachable.
Don't know if it will be continued...

Anyone know if a similar tool is available somewhere?


What does the program do?

Forgot,sry. Description is here  chevolume

Ah yes, there are other apps that do that.
BUT, i believe what you'll find is that Windows 7 (and higher) has this feature built into it.  And as Windows 7 is a pretty unanimous improvement over win xp, upgrading windows may be the cleanest way to go.

Someone will hopefully correct me if I'm wrong about Windows 7 providing this feature built-in.

According to the software author, CheVolume was created especially for Windows 7 and newer. CheVolume is from September. Looking at the program's history, I would say it's still in beta - as an example, only Chrome is supported! - and at such early stage, bugs are mandatory.

"Liberate your audio!"

--- End quote ---

^ I have never heard of programs with this set of features, and I wouldn't know why to need them.


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