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Some thoughts on the next version

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An idea.. can you try downloading the PORTABLE version of chs, and exit normal version and run portable version (it should use a new empty database), and see if you can delete clips from there.  Assuming so we can try to figure out why your real installation isn't.

I did right click the Recycle bin and emptied, and it did make them go away. Tried making a test clip in a normal group and deleted selected clip, still not deleting.

I will try that, with the portable version.

While I am installing the portable version and testing, let me add, the colors of child clips may be affected by my changes in Options/Custom Appearance/ Customize Main Fonts, I will play with that and see.

Note that I have updated my first comment above to read:
Yes, I would echo SOME of the above,...
-IainB (November 16, 2015, 05:12 AM)
--- End quote ---

I don't have an issue with CHS for a lot of what the writer states - e,g,, I don't require a right-click menu when editing a clip, though I sometimes find that I would like an "Undo" history (Ctrl-Z) when wanting to backout edits in a clip, but for my priorities that's just a "C" priority ("Nice to have") thing, rather than an "A" ("Must have") or even a "B" ("Highly desirable").

@mouser - by the way, there is still this: User Requirements for CHS

It could be used to save repetition by different/new CHS users. I put quite a bit of effort into that. Have not updated it in ages as no-one seemed interested. I think I left it as public and editable.

Wow I did not remember that! I need to spend some time going through it..


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