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Some thoughts on the next version

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-mouser (November 16, 2015, 09:19 AM)
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Yes it does!    :Thmbsup:


I can add an option for that.

Actually this is already an option, uncheck this:

-mouser (November 16, 2015, 09:19 AM)
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Oh, outstanding, I should have seen that.  :-[

This is by design -- and you'll notice the clips are colored differently based on whether they are in parent or child; the design idea was that clips should only be in leaf children, and that this would be a nice way of being able to filter/search/browse clips under a certain level of the hierarchy.  I can consider making this an option though.
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I may be missing another setting, but where are clips differnet colors? All mine seem to be black text, white background.... I see under Options/Custom Appearance "Grid Child Row" but when I change that color, all clips, Parent and Child seem to take on the new color.

this surprises me -- can you tell me how you are trying to delete a clip and what happens?
can you experiment a bit and see if its really the case that you cant delete any clips or maybe it's just certain clips in certain circumstances?
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Yeah, my work around for the last 2 years is, since I cannot delete a clip, to empty the contents and reuse it.  8)   But I have been puzzled why I cannot delete.
When I try to delete a clip, I click on the clip, part of it is highlighted, and I click on the icon with the red X, "delete selected clip(s)"

But nothing happens. I also try using Edit, Deleted Selected Clip.

That is bizarre regarding the inability to delete.  anyone else have this problem?
If you go in the Recycle bin and its children, do you see any clips there?

If you right-click on recycle bin group and empty recyle bin group, anything happen to the clips you tried to delete?

see my new note above about disabling that option about scrolling to bottom of clip group -- if you uncheck that does it solve the issue with Ctrl+C trying to jump to a new clip?
-mouser (November 16, 2015, 09:36 AM)
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No sir, does not fix that for me. When I ctrl-C in a clip, it jumps to another clip.

I am using 2.32.

That scroll bar does keep the scroll bar at the top, though.  :up:

Edit: yes, I do see clips in the Recycle Folder, 527 rows. Cannot delete from there either...

Edit: yes, I do see clips in the Recycle Folder
-Subsim (November 16, 2015, 09:47 AM)
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well then some clips are being deleted..


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