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Some thoughts on the next version

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Yes sir, I am usually working in a different group than New.

Edit: considering the issue I stated with sub groups, if that is a lot of work, I have a work around; that is, I don't use subgroups, I just add more Groups, and think of them as "subgroups".

The sub Groups: the clips in the sub groups are also in the parent group. I don't see why, I want the clips separate. I have sub groups under parent groups because they are related, but I don't want all the sub groups clips also duplicated in the parent group.
-Subsim (November 15, 2015, 10:00 PM)
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This is by design -- and you'll notice the clips are colored differently based on whether they are in parent or child; the design idea was that clips should only be in leaf children, and that this would be a nice way of being able to filter/search/browse clips under a certain level of the hierarchy.  I can consider making this an option though.

And I still cannot delete a selected clip. Never have been able to.
-Subsim (November 15, 2015, 10:00 PM)
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this surprises me -- can you tell me how you are trying to delete a clip and what happens?
can you experiment a bit and see if its really the case that you cant delete any clips or maybe it's just certain clips in certain circumstances?

When I select a clip,  and highlight then ctrl-c a piece of the clip to place into a webpage or form, the CSH interface instantly shifts to some other, unrelated clip. I am no longer in the selected clip, and I have to find it and re-orient myself
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ok that's a bug -- it's trying to switch to the NEW CLIP created by your ctrl+C, but im guessing you arent in the "NEW" group so it is getting confused. I will fix bug so that it doesnt change clips when you CTRL+C from within the program.
-mouser (November 16, 2015, 09:16 AM)
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Thanks.   :Thmbsup:   I had previously thought that was "normal" behaviour by design.

see my new note above about disabling that option about scrolling to bottom of clip group -- if you uncheck that does it solve the issue with Ctrl+C trying to jump to a new clip?


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