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Using FARR to open website in different locations?

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I have websites that I access at different URL's and different pages on those URL's all the time.
For example: (I will use a wordpress site as my example.) - Homepage - login page

What I would like to be able to do the following:

1) hit the [break] key -> then start typing "clients" [space] [space] home

and for the login page

2) hit the [break] key -> then start typing "clients" [space] [space] login

Is this possible?

I have figured out how to do just the "clients" [space]
But not how to add the login or home part.


You can do it fairly easily, in several different ways.

Am I correct in assuming you purposefully want to be able to type whatever url pattern you want for the "" and have it work on any such site, and you plan to have dozens of them?

In that case you could make one regex aliases that matched on like "clients (.*) (.*)"

So for example:

That will work because the second phrase you type will filter out the result you want.

Now another way you could do it is create TWO aliases, one matching regex "clients (.+) home" and one matching "clients (.+) login"
each containing one of the two results i've listed in the previous alias.

And yet another way if you only have only a handful of such sites and dont need it to work on arbitrary urls, would be to make one alias called simply "clients" with no regex and in that alias put all of the urls of all of your sites, like:

Now when you type "clients" you would see a list of ALL urls, but as you typed more you would filter/restrict the list, so if you typed "clients examp" you would see the two example links, and if you typed "clients ex log" you would see only the clients login result:

This works because farr will automatically filter multiple results based on what you type.

WOW... Mouser... You are a god!...

That is awesome... Thanks! I'll give it a try and report back.


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