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Commandline execution VC++ using ShellExec

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 Hi i am trying to save a screenshot file to the following path C:\Users\Rn\Desktop\ScreenshotCaptor. But i cant change the screenshot directory.
 i used the following link to find the commandline options :

 please find my code below. any help is appreciated.

 ////////////////////////////// VC++ code  //////////////////////////////

  CString sApp = _T("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\ScreenshotCaptor\\ScreenshotCaptor.exe");

  CString sParameters = _T("-show -capture screen -format png -dir \"C:\\Users\\Rn\\Desktop\\ScreenshotCaptor\" ");

  CString sWorkDir = _T("C:\\Users\\Rn\\Desktop\\ScreenshotCaptor");

  int nRet = (int)ShellExecute(NULL, NULL, sApp, sParameters, sWorkDir, SW_SHOWNORMAL);


For what you are trying to do (commandline screenshot grabbing), may I recommend Screenshot Captor's little brother: MiniCap
It is made to do exactly what you are doing and is built with same codebase as SC.

Thanks Mouser... it works with ShellExecute()

is there any way to wait until the screen capture is completed? I mean using ShellExecuteEx and WaitForSingleObject functions?

my following code is not working

    SHELLEXECUTEINFO ShExecInfo = { 0 };
    ShExecInfo.cbSize = sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO);
    ShExecInfo.hwnd = NULL;
    ShExecInfo.lpVerb = NULL;
    ShExecInfo.lpFile = GetMiniCapAppPath().AllocSysString();
    ShExecInfo.lpParameters = sParameters.AllocSysString();
    ShExecInfo.lpDirectory = NULL;
    ShExecInfo.nShow = SW_SHOWNORMAL;
    ShExecInfo.hInstApp = NULL;
    WaitForSingleObject(ShExecInfo.hProcess, INFINITE);

When you say your code isn't working -- specifically what is happening?


With ShellExecute() i can make a screenshot.

CString sParameters = _T("-save \"") + sImagePath + _T("\" -captureappbyname \"") + sUniNgeExeName + _T("\" -exit");
iRet = (int)ShellExecute(NULL, NULL, GetMiniCapAppPath(), sParameters, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

but with ShellExecuteEx() and then WaitForSingleObject() as described in my previous post i want to wait until the MiniCap executable exits (using -exit in sParameters). but i see the executable on Task manager. and the function call WaitForSingleObject() waits.


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