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Here is how I transfer (+Sync ) already uploaded data between cloud providers


Dear all,

A few months ago I have added a new layer into my backup strategy :
(short answer : I do a new automatic online backup but I avoid uploading again with my slow dsl line my data from Google Drive+Gmail into another cloud provider : Amazon Cloud Drive "Unlimited Everything". But it could have been another one like: Dropbox, OneDrive Office 365,...etc..Thanks to . They have many possibilities available)

1) Offline :
local copies from time to time into different hard drives and physical locations.

2) Online :
On my pc I use (about $5/month) for mirroring my pc (see my previous experience with them here )
I also use (one time $20 fee) for uploading some of my data into Google Drive.
Then I recommend these service for saving gmail and Google Drive into indirectly Amazon S3 :
- Individuals : (30$/year) for saving Gmail+ Google Drive. note: I have not tested them lately but it should do the work imho.
- Companies : ($40/year. if you want to, you can use this link so both of us get a $5 rebate : ). As I was told there "the difficult part is not the backup, but the restore part". I did test them a lot on that and it works. Their point in time restore is quite good ! ;)

The new part is that in order to avoid uploading again all the data that I have in Google Drive, I use :
I transfer and sync continuously my Google Drive +Gmail data automatically with Cloudhq (about $10/month) into Amazon Unlimited Everything (about $60/year). It fits my needs as I don't have to upload again from my slow dsl line all my TBs data that I have already uploaded (Rough guess: I upload a little more than 1TB per year). I also can save my family emails and their related google drive on my amazon drive. ;)

Another thing that I do is that I save on a google Spreadsheet the date and main big folders names that I delete from Google Drive (it happens when I hit the 1TB limit in Google Drive). This can helps a lot when I do a restore later.

As the backblaze guys says : "backup before you wish you had ! " 

I hope this helps ;)

Thanks for all that @jity :up:
any reminder to think /re-think backup is of great help...

Dear all,

A little more than one year later here are the changes to the "Online" part that I did. It means that I continue to use the above services except :

- Since a few months, I do not use anymore the paying version of (I had transferred about all what I needed. And I realized that it was very difficult to search files into Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD) as Cloudhq's way to archive files into ACD. Cloudhq created basically too much folders (correctly named with date-hour) containing only a few files. Example: I modify one cell into a google spreadsheet => a new folder with a new xlsx file is created into ACD). Plus it created quite a mess into my ACD account (some folders seems "not accessible" into ACD when in fact there are there. My guess is that it is probably an ACD bug as I finally could find the correct folders/files by searching with keywords.Then test if I could access them (or no => use another keyword) and then moved them in a better simple main folder in the ACD root).

- I also use when needed (example: copy/paste Google Drive to ACD for instance). This service is not as powerful as Cloudhq but it finally succeeds into finishing the job (you may have to do the copy again as there are sometimes "internal server" errors) . ;)

- I also use another great software for uploading into Google Drive or ACD which is much more powerful for my needs (uploads mainly)  : SynckbackPro (about $55)
This one is far better for me as I have found that some files were not uploaded with Syncdocs (my guess : about 2 years ago files. I.e.: before Syncdocs was doing a hash check).
It fulfill a basic need : I select a folder on my computer and it checks if everything (folders and files) is really online (Google Drive or ACD in my case).
I only had small problems (as I didn't want to upload them all again) with files containing double spaces. My guess is that one online service recorded (Google Drive ?) some of them automatically as single space name. But I am not sure! So anyway in the end I had sometimes the double space version into ACD or locally or into Google Drive ! So I had to remove locally the double spaces before (thanks to Bulk rename utility) before using SyncbackPro properly.
Note: I keep using Syncdocs because contrarily to Syncback it can convert automatically Excel (and more: .html ...) files into Google Drive !

- And if you want to save $5 with Backblaze you have to buy a 2 year commitment (see in your online account over there).
Recently I had a bad surprise with Backblaze as their pc software did not recognize that I moved about half a TB into a different partition of my computer (if I remember well, previously that feature was working correctly!).

That's all for this time !
See you ;)

update: A few months later now, I stopped using Otixo (too expensive now for me).
For uploading my data I use : SynckbackPro and Syncdocs (for converting some of my files into (free) Google Documents).
And now, once I have uploaded my data into one service (Google Drive, Amazon Drive...), I now use with a cheap VPS (I have used OVH. Similar are: Digital Ocean, Scaleway...) About $3.5/month. Not only this is cheap but it is far much faster than using my DSL line to move data between online services. ;)

Hope this helps ;)

Thanks for the update.


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