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Chrome extension to hide Youtube thumbnails?


I was watching a Youtube video where the person was talking about the things that popular Youtubers go through to make their videos. One of those things was making the thumbnail, which got me thinking. Youtube thumbnails are no longer useful. Popular Youtubers make custom thumbnails for their videos that don't relate to the video. (For the most part anyway). I'm looking for either a Chrome extension, or a Tampermonkey (Greasemonkey for chrome) script (provided I can get that to even work properly) that will remove all the thumbnails on every video on youtube, and replace them with the channel's profile picture. I no longer even pay attention to video thumbnails now, since most of them are just some random image that is supposed to make you want to watch that video.

Hi there,

If you feel like tweaking a bit yourself, I would definitely recommend the Chrome extension Stylish, you can do pretty much what you like on any website. You can start with an existing 'style' and customize it to your needs.

Stylish extension can be found here:
Styles for youtube can be found here:


Cheers  /jerome


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