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Capturing area with ratio?

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e.g. for screenshots using in Facebook as article image I need the option to capture an area with a ratio of 1,91 x 1

... like in Photoshop:
Capturing area with ratio?

But, ah, this is not possible yet, isn't it?


Am I right that we are talking about screenshot captor?

Hmm, am I in the wrong forum?

Or didn't I find the option?

Or have I hold a special key by using Ā»Grab Fixed size regionĀ«? I tried Shift, Ctrl, and ...


oops sorry i didn't realize you had posted in the right area after all, my apologies.

So, first things first, if you make a capture, like a screen capture, you can choose a preset region side from edit menu (and you can customize the choices in options), and then hold ALT key while you drag with mouse to preserve the aspect radio.

I need such a "ratio cropping" not after making the screenshot, but as a capturing option.

Why? Because I have to try out several browser sizes for capturing a selection with the ratio for Facebook articles (1,91 x 1), so that I have all the things of the web webpage arranged/positioned within this specific proportions...

I am wondering why this option is missing in this powerful tool which I am using since several years..

thank you!


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