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Run two instances of desktop coral?


Hi. I was wondering if this was possible. I have attempted to run a second copy and while it does seem to load without problem, it does not display anything to work with. I have opened the menu and turned off the transparency and nothing shows. I have also moved the original desktop coral location incase it was hiding underneath and it isn't. There seems to be no indication of a second area at all. Any help would be gratefully received.


You should be able to run two instances IF you get the portable version and run the two copies from two different directories.
I believe there is at least one other post from someone who has done this.

I will move this to this DesktopCoral section of the forum.

I run 3 DesktopCoral instances.
As mouser said: Make directories like "desktopcoral_top", "desktopcoral_bottom", put in each the portable version of dtc.
I also renamed the exe-file desktopcoral.exe in desktopcoral_top.exe, thereby you can recognize these in the taskmanager - and for selective closing by batch.
The only issue is that all instances show the same symbol in the tray, so you have to guess which symbol represents which instance (in case you use transparent mode you can only access dtc via tray symbols). But once set to your needs, it is rare that you would need access...


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