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Personalizing screenshot captor for a specific work


Good day,

Am delighted to tell you that am a fan of screenshot captor software. Loved the works and its programming.

recently am working on a little project of using a portable scanner to interface with the software.

So i have to ask can it be possible to removed some screenshot menu from the software such as : Capture, GoTo, SpecialFX only.

And also to check on the File Naming Template %quickfield% %datetime% %num%..
also the numbers from the %num% are not going in sequence i.e 001, 002 003 but only give 001, 001(Same)...

Please i would like to know if all this can be ammended in this software so as to get it for this little project am working on..kindly help out thanks...

Best Regards

Welcome to the site, Peter -- please make sure you don't make multiple posts saying the same thing.  Just one post is good enough.

Can you explain a bit why you want items removed from the menu?

As for %num% not increasing -- the %num% field will only change if it is needed to make the filename unique.  So if there are other things in the filename like date which changes, the number will go back to 001 (or be left out entirely).

However, if you want to have a number in your filenames which ALWAYS increases, you can use %numinc%.


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