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IDEA: systray keyboard lights

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This Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard is made by Microsoft (which I don't necessarily care for), it's wireless (which doesn't necessarily impress me all that much) and it's comfortable (which is the reason I bought it)

My problem with it is that it doesn't have any lights to indicate the status of "scroll/num/caps lock". Originally, when running explorer.exe as my shell, it would pop up a sign next to the system tray indicating "scroll lock is on" or "caps lock is off" (or whatever) but there are a coupla problems: 1) the 'sign' would only stay up for a second (after a while there would be no way to tell whether numlock was on without T&E  and B) I don't use explorer.exe as a shell and, whereby this keyboard, being a microsoft product, won't play nicely with any other brands, there is no way to tell anyway.. ever

That's my problem. I want a utility that will indicate (preferably through a tray icon) the status of my keystates (numlock on, scroll lock off etc)

This program is one example (there are, no doubt, many others) but I would prefer a few things over all other such programs that I've seen. I would like to also have "F-Lock" capabilities and the trayicon should be one icon with four different states instead of four separate icons (I would be willing, if necessary, to design/create the icons for any programmer that will accept this project - just tell me the required attributes)

If anybody knows of a piece of software (freeware/open-source) that I have missed that fits my requirements, please point it out.

Otherwise, will somebody be willing to make it? Is there any way to possibly do this with AHK?


Hi dan!
It looks like you're one the only one with that problem!
This had already been requested, here's the thread link:
There are a bunch of solutions in that thread. If they don't fit you, please tell here what you'd like the program to do, that the ones mentioned can't do.

The problem with doing it in ahk, is that to have 3 icons in the systray, you'd have to have 3 scripts running (afaik), which means about 3*4mb of memory used for a simple program. Nevertheless, it can be done, and if you'd like other ways of implementing it, it'd be no problem. Right now, from the top of my head, i thought of the possibility of having it display the key states on the title of each window! (a bit like skrommel's TicTocTitle).

What do you think?

Thank you, jgpaiva, for your quick reply.

I have tried 'Systray Indicator' and 'Keystate' as recommended in that thread you pointed out (sorry for my oversight).

I was not able to download Toggle Keys Indicator from the AHK forum and I don't know what that last post was but I couldn't get any page on that site nor could Google tell me any reasonable information about 'lockdown' from 'csisoft').

The problem that I have with these is that they're multiple icons and they can't do F-lock (is F-lock status retrievable?) Those are two requests by 'alexp' that were left unanswered in that thread

I would like one icon (a quartered square with the symbols 'F', 'C', 'S' and 'N', perhaps) that can show the status of all four keys mentioned ('N' is lighted while 'F', 'C' & 'S' are greyed out if only [num lock] is on etc)

possible? plausible? probable?

<edit>Yeah, I'm not too keen on the idea of 'titlebar display' for something like this (or much of anything, really). I like a lot of skrommel's stuff but not that one so much. There was something one time I didn't get that I think might've been really useful if I ever find it again and that was extra buttons next to the minimize/restore/close that allow for transparency/'minimize to tray' and something else.

Anyway, tray icon would be best (only one multifunction icon) otherwise just a little stand-alone utility that I could start and it would display the status of said buttons would be suitable too.

thanks again!</edit>

Oh ok, i see what you mean.
Ok, so making the script is not a problem, if you only want it to have one icon on the systray. I'm unable to make the icon, though, i'm not much of an artist.
Another problem is that i can't make the F-lock detection, as i think that's made at the keyboard's level. It isn't found by ahk. (at least on my keyboard)

So, if you'd like me to make a script that would show an icon on the systray, depending on the state of caps lock, num lock or scroll lock, i can do it.

I believe this is exactly what you were looking for in the original post.

I installed it and it seems to work fine.  It's a system tray indicator or Caps, Num and Scroll Lock keys.



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