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Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro 4.1 [gotd]


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Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro 4.1


I don't have a guinea pig machine to test the software with.  But I did make a bootable USB stick with the software.  I targeted Windows 8.0 x64 when making the stick.  It successfully booted and displayed the recovery suite without having to set my BIOS to CSM mode.  It used WinPE 8 to make the stick.  The only quirk I noticed was it did not get the screen res right.  It looked like it used a 4:3 resolution instead of the 16:9 of the Laptop.  But it came up and responded when I hit the Reboot Button in the suite.

If you do not have a recovery boot disc/usb it may be worth getting as it claims boot failure recovery, unformat and password blanking features.  So if a family member gives you an old Laptop or desktop PC but they can't remember their password you should be able to use it with this.

Apparently it also has the option to create a Linux based boot cd/stick.

If anyone has an expendable PC perhaps they will give it a test drive?   :)

The entire USB stick prep with WinPE download took about 15 minutes.
So far only Macrium Reflect and this program have been able to create a boot stick that did not require me to enable CSM mode.  That it does that correctly is a good sign.


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