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IDEA: systray keyboard lights

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"The size of system tray icon depends on the display apperance settings in
Windows (Caption Buttons size).
The default for Windows XP is 25 pixels, but it might be changed by user.
Windows Shell automatically resizes tray icons to fit into the system tray."
                                                                          (Victor Urnyshev, MSFT)

32x32 icons are clearer and easier to design than 16x16 icons.

You can make the icons in your system tray any size you want by entering the display applet in the control panel, appearance tab, and 'caption  buttons' selection in the "Item:" dropdown menu (a right click on the desktop also brings up the display applet)

Sometimes (seldom but occasionally, just often enough to be a nuisance) this error occurs:

|Keyinfo.exe                                                               X|
|Error: Can't load icon. The current thread will exit.  |
|Specifically: 3.ico                                                       |
|                                                                                     |
|                          Line #                                                 |
|--->                   043: Menu, TRAY, Icon, 3.ico         |
|                                                                                     |
|                                    [OK]                                         |
|                                                                                     |


I was gonna ask for someone to figure this out for me but now I'll just ask for verification of my correction.

Based on some advice I found (also in the help), I added "Menu, Tray, UseErrorLevel" after the 'ScriptVersion' and '#singleinstance' lines but before any others (line 3 excluding comments) and recompiled the 'Keyinfo.exe'.

So far it's worked as expected, prevented the previous error, but I'll hafta wait and see as it's only been a few hours since I implemented that fix.

Do any of you "Semi-Professional AHK Coders" recognize this as something that'll solve my problem?


In other news, jgp:
Could you make this to have tooltips?
I have been trying to get it to work but am having difficulty as I'm quite inexperienced with AHK

What I want is possible, I'm sure.. I just can't do it, you'll have to either do it or, better yet, if someone could tell me the correct format (menu, tip.. ? traytip?..
--- ---    If Scroll
      Menu,TRAY, Icon, 8.ico with a separate section below with a similar loop
--- ---If Scroll
      TrayTip, KeyInfo by jgpaiva, Caps On`nNum On`nScroll On,11, or all in one like
--- ---If Scroll
      Menu,TRAY, Icon, 8.ico
      TrayTip, KeyInfo by jgpaiva, Caps On`nNum On`nScroll On
ToolTip or "TrayTip" or "Menu, Tip" or "Tray, popup, balloon hint thingy"

No, I've tried all those and have realized that I need some assistance

(original ahk file, added "Menu, Tray, UseErrorLevel" on line 19)

I've tried several different methods that seemed logical to me but they all result in errors (ELSE with no matching IF, Target label does not exist, +/-)

When the mouse hovers the icon, display tooltip like below:

Caps On
Num On
Scroll Off
--- End quote ---
 (.. or something)

I'm unsure of the correct format and don't have enough awakeness left to figure it out but someone prob'ly can snack on this and either just do it and post the updated file or show me how at your discretion (either way I can learn)


That bug is weird, Dan. I can't figure out where that comes from.

As for having tooltips, just do it like this:

--- ---If Scroll
      Menu,TRAY, Icon, 8.ico
      ToolTip,Caps ON`,Num ON`,Scroll ON

thanks; now how do I make the tooltip stop flashing?
         (only show up when over the tray icon)
Otherwise it's on all the time
         (right now it's on/off/on/off/on/off..Sometimes it stops flashing but then I hafta move my mouse)

Sorry, i misunderstood you.
To have the tooltip working only on hover on the tray icon, use this:

--- ---If Scroll
      Menu,TRAY, Icon, 8.ico
      menu,tray,tip,Caps ON`,Num ON`,Scroll ON


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