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IDEA: systray keyboard lights

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Yes. Great. I can do the icon (just tell me what it needs to be, (32x32, 32bit, 16x16 256/you would need prob'ly nine icons for different states, right? Caps on num/scroll off, caps/scroll on num off, caps/num on scroll off, caps off num/scroll on,....)

I would love for you to make a script that would show an icon on the systray, depending on the state of caps lock, num lock or scroll lock   :Thmbsup:

I guess AHK can't tell when 'F Lock' has been pressed because it has similar properties as 'shift' in that it doesn't do anything unless you press something else (on my keyboard, if I press 'Insert' then 'F5'  my AHK Key History shows that I pressed 'Insert' then 'F5' - still kinda in a class all itself though 'cause 'Shift' shows up in key history)

Then, if I press 'F-Lock' and 'Insert' again (which would be 'PrtScn' because of 'F-lock' - 'Insert' is on the front and 'PrtScn' is on the top of the key) and 'F5' again, key history makes no mention of 'F-lock' but says 'Prnt Scrn' and 'not found' (because 'F5' is non-existant when 'F-lock'ed - there is no alternate function for F5 on this keyboard)

<edit> it'll be okay if it can't do 'F Lock'. If I can know the status of 75% of these buttons, that'll still be better than none - thanks.</edit>
Rover, no: actually, the only program link mentioned in my first post was this program (the one you mentioned) and the first program link indicated in my second post was also this program (Systray Indicator)

I've tried that and, if you notice from my post just previous to this one (two up from yours, "reply #2" in this thread) something I especially don't want (3 icons)

thanks both of you so far for your input

Ok... It's done! :D
Now, it only needs your icons. (Please post them here, so that i can add them to the script)
I think you can make them 32x32, 32bit, but i'm not sure, i'm not very informed about that.
Can you pack all the icons under one .ico file? If you do, i can change the script to accept that, and it'd be handier.

Right now, it takes 8 commandline parameters, with the following order:

--- ---;This is the order of the icons:
;1 - all off
;2 - Caps on Num off Scroll off
;3 - Caps off Num on Scroll off
;4 - Caps off Num off Scroll on
;5 - Caps on Num on Scroll off
;6 - Caps on Num off Scroll on
;7 - Caps off Num on Scroll on
;8 - all on
So, just download it, create a shortcut for it, open the shortcut's properties and under the "destiny" field, add the path to the 8 icons (can be relative path).

This isn't that intuitive, it's just so that you can test the icons to see how they look. When you give them to me, i'll change the script so that it'll come already predefined to use it's icons, and the user won't need to create the shortcut.

Here's the links!
.ahk version
.exe version

thanks, jgpaiva  8)

attached here is a zip archive with 9 32x32/32 icons (very simplistic; 8 separate icons for each state and one icon with all of them)

I wasn't able to test the icons as per your instructions (as you said, "this isn't that intuitive") but I think it should work.. anything else please just tell me.


<edit>also attached is a zipfile with alternate icons. all still 32x32/32, still 8 separate and one combined but just a little different.</edit>

Ok, here it is!
I updated it, so that you only have to unpack the icons with the names "1.ico" to "8.ico" to the folder and run it.
Here are the links:
.exe Version
.ahk Version

thank you so much, jgpaiva (may I just call you jgp?)  :Thmbsup:


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