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IDEA: systray keyboard lights

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More icons for KeyInfo attached here:
= (also the same as the 'KeyInfo.rar' also the same as my first attachment above)
= (similar to but improved version of the 'alternate icons' in my post above')
= (CAP,NUM,SCR highlighted with a red bar - barredicons have a white background, all others are transparent)
= (black C-N-S with red lights)
= (white C-N-S with red lights)


Thanks prosayist!
I'll mention this thread on the codingsnacks post, so that people can come here to get new icon sets.
You really got the spirit of DC, prosayist, not only you made new icons, as you also posted pictures and descriptions of it!  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Welcs, jgp.. happy to do it.

I really appreciate the concept of donationcoder and I'm glad to contribute in any way that I can.

If anyone has anything they'd rather see as an icon for this, mention it here and I'll do my best (i.e., "I want the same thing only in yellow instead of red."; "Can you make the letters go horizontally instead of vertically?"; "My current theme has #398EB5 and #F7F7F7 - I want to match that" etc.)

Also, any icons made by anybody else, please post them here just as I have  :)

I've always thought that I'd be more inclined to pay for software if the developer just suggested donations rather than:

"here's our software, it's $299.99"   ::)
"try this program for 30 days and then, if you like it, pay me $59 else it will never work again"   :-\

<digression>I sometimes wonder how much less 'time-limited software' authors could charge if they didn't actually encode instructions to stop functioning after a given period of time.. actually, that was my first time wondering that - and it prob'ly doesn't take long to write
--- ---if(sinceinstall<=30days){stopworking;} .. but I don't write programs so I wouldn't know.  :-[ </digression>

why are the icons 32x32?
i can only display 16x16 :/ (well, they're automatically resized, but i don't understand it)


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