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SoftMaker Autumn giveaway

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got this in email today and the link doesn't seem to be exclusive to my account, so enjoy the 2 gifts from Softmaker - SoftMaker Office Standard 2012 and Elegant Handwriting Fonts.


Well, I tried it. I had to enter my name, address, and email to go through their normal shopping cart process. 2012 is the "old" version of Softmaker; they recently released 2016. The two products are sold separately so you could get just the fonts or just the office suite if you wish. The fonts are all .ttf files so you don't have to use their font manager.

got this in email today ...-lanux128 (October 23, 2015, 12:58 AM)
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Thanks for sharing  :Thmbsup:  :-*


Not sure but this "giveaway" may be the same product which was previously called "SoftMaker FreeOffice" and which was always free.

Also, the links which are sent upon "purchasing" the product are not tied to your account and do not require logging in or anything. So as long as the web link is not changed, redownloading should be possible.

Not sure but this "giveaway" may be the same product which was previously called "SoftMaker FreeOffice" and which was always free.-ayryq (October 24, 2015, 02:47 PM)
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SoftMaker FreeOffice is a free version of SoftMaker Office. The key differences are listed below.

SoftMaker Office Standard 2012 for Windows - THIS Autumn giveaway

SoftMaker Office Standard 2012 is packed with numerous extra features. Here are just a few:

    Spell checking using high-quality commercial dictionaries in 20 languages
    Synonym dictionaries (thesaurus function) in eight languages
    FreeOffice reads the modern Microsoft formats DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX seamlessly – SoftMaker Office can also save in these formats
    Documents are displayed in tabs, just like in a web browser
    The extended sidebar gives you a bird's eye view over your document and its stylesheets
    Free technical support by SoftMaker
    Additional features such as envelope and label printing, macros, mailmerge, cross references, and figure captions

My downloads:
d:\d\SoftMaker Office 2012 Standard giveaway Autumn 2015\ofw2012std.exe   113.727.200

SoftMaker Office Professional 2012 for Windows

SoftMaker Office Professional expands upon the features of the standard edition by adding:

    SoftMaker eM Client Professional, a full-functioned replacement for Microsoft Outlook for competent management of e-mail messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments
    Four Berlitz dictionaries for translations from/to English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish

My downloads:
d:\d\SoftMaker Office 2012 Professional\emclient_setup.msi   15.138.816
d:\d\SoftMaker Office 2012 Professional\ofw2012eval.exe   260.343.304
d:\d\SoftMaker Office 2012 Professional\SoftMaker Office Professional 2012.msi   247.050.240



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