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Focus on search filter with Crtl + F

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Hi everyone,

I'm a current Clipmate user and i'm looking for an alternative, since it seems Clipmate life is on the end... Clipboard Help is rather similar and seems to fit my needs. Nice Program. Except for one thing, i can't get focus on "quick search filter" with crtl + F . I intend using CHS as my "Note App" too, and i need a very quick action (without mouse use) for calling the program (Custom hotkey - Ok) and searching in clips (Crtl + F). Is there a way to access the quick search filter without a mouse action (tab doesn't work either) ?

Thanks for your help.

You seem to be right, Ctrl+F is not working for me either.  Let me try to fix asap.

Now you come to mention it, not being the complaining sort, I became accustomed to Ctrl+F not bringing up the Find a l-o-n-g time ago and just adapted to using the mouse to select it instead. Always tedious that way.
EDIT: No, I tested it just now, and Ctrl+F does sometimes display a blank area on the LHS, but it's kind of invisible - you wouldn't know it was there - until you start to type in the search string, which then appears in red in the aforesaid blank area. I can't get the blank area to consistently appear though, even after restarting CHS,so it's not really repeatable. Could be something to do with my system.

Please try the latest beta I just uploaded (v2.32.01).

Thanks mouser. Crtl + F is working fine now. That's perfect.


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