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Automatically delete clips after pasting them


First of all my compliment for this program. It's wonderful.

I was wondering if it's possible to automatically delete clips after pasting them. I make my study planners using Clipboard H+S and after I've pasted a clip I don't want it to clutter up my list of clips anymore, since I've already used this clip. Is there any way to do this? I couldn't find it in the settings.

There's no way to do it currently -- it's an interesting idea though it seems a little odd.. Let me think about it.  Anyone else want this feature?

HOWEVER, what CHS will do is let you tell it how old a clip has to be before it is automatically MOVED from the normal "New Clips" group to the "Old Clips Group", so by making that very short you could effectively keep your clip list very concise.

You can also right-click on the Quick Paste group and change the age of clips shown in the quick-paste menu, which would have a similar effect when using quick paste function.

Unfortunately, this isn't quite what I need. I'll try to explain why I need this "odd" function  :D

I'm a teacher and each class I teach has its own program and its own schedule. The program is in an Excel document and the schedule is in another Excel document. The program looks like the attached pictureAutomatically delete clips after pasting them.

When I make a class's schedule I paste each clip on a certain date. It would be very convenient if the just pasted clip would be removed from the list (or moved to the bottom), because that would prevent me from using the same clip again on a different date. After all,  I don't want my students to do the same homework twice.  :)

So that's why separating the used clips from the unused ones would come in very handy for me.

I have a similar but different need. From a music publisher's site or maybe YouTube, I will copy artist, track-title and album-title -informations from 3 different locations, and a little later paste them all into a Save As... box, to make the downloaded file name become a normal music track name. When this is done, the clipboard content in the 3 'boxes' are outdated and is not needed again. I have never found a clipboard manager with this particular feature, even though many people must download poorly named music/vidoe files.

Hi Mouser.  Thanks for pointing me to this nifty app.  I reading the above requests, it made me realize that I probably should have added the "delete after pasting" request to my need for the double <cr>'s.

This would only be a problem if i accidentally missed the Ctrl+c (or Copy) command and hit the Ctrl+P (or Paste) twice in a row but i can see that happening too.
I cannot think of any time I would need the paste to stay current in the clipboard and as a matter of fact I had not an hour ago looked up the command to clear the clip[board and created a shortcut just to do that.  If of any use to anyone else:  >>      C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c "echo off | clip"
I just made a desktop shortcut for that very thing.  But I still have not found a way to add the two <cr> so i get automatic double-spaced pasting.
I thought i found a way to do it in your program but if so, i cannot get it to cooperate and work :(


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