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Launch a website and close


Almost every day i have to visit my own webs for changes and my favorite webs too.
For this purpose i have the fixed tabs in firefox and a script lo launch the urls contained in a folder or in a txt file.

But all this is based in open at the same time all the websites in tabs.

I would like a software or script for :

Open a website from a list in a txt file and close after x minutes.
The possibility to pause the script for tasks
Better all this in background and with a browser of my election.

I think all this is possible with an automation environment like iMacros, but I would like a more assisted script is possible.

Best Regards

Welcome to the site, sl5  :up:


I think I can certainly do everything just as you need it. I would however use AutoHotkey. you bruchst it for a different operating system than Windows?
Incidentally, this is my first day here in the forum :)
warm greeting, se
-sl5 (October 20, 2015, 12:24 PM)
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Welcome home
Launch a website and close

Yes is for windows 7/8

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