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1Password Leaks Your Data

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Also the case of what about web browser history if you don't clear the history/cache all the time and have one of those reset password website addresses in it that doesn't expire? Same thing going on there I would think especially if computer was compromised...

It seems there's more to the story, and a fix is on the way:
The team introduced a new format called OPVault in 2012 that encrypts a lot more metadata. Concerns over backwards compatibility with Android, Windows and Dropbox synching, however, convinced them to take a conservative approach and not automatically migrate everyone over to OPVault.

Myers’ post, the team said, reminded them that it was time to make the switch to the new format. As such, they’ve already started transitioning to OPVault. For those that don’t want to wait it out, it’s possible to manually make the switch using these guides for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.
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- Oshyan


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