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UrlSnooper - EAccessViolation

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It's possible, but i'm guessing not.. something in the back of my mind is making me think we saw this problem before..

i'm assuming you are using the most recent version.

do you have a firewall that you could maybe add urlsnooper to some allowed list?

can you try it running as administrator?

email me ([email protected]) and i'll try to get you a debug build this weekend that we can use to figure out EXACTLY where things are going wrong.

I added inbound and outbound rules for URLSnooper.exe file in Windows Firewall, disabled avast anitvirus for an hour, run it as administrator but nothing.
Also tried to run it in compatibility mode (win 8) also didn't help.

I'll email you. thank you for generous help!

Hi, same problem here if i setup language program to french (or other non-english). On next start, "EACcessViolation". I have to delete URLSnooper.FRA file manually to revert back to english (I'm using portable version).


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