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NANY 2016 Release: Text Overlay Tool

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NANY 2016 Entry Information
Application NameTextOverlayToolVersion 1.0 Short Description Display transparent overlay of a Text file (plain text or markdown) Supported OSes/Requirements Any OS that supports .NET 4.5 Download Link
CodeTRUCKER had a pretty simple list of requirements for a text based reference tool.

I have created a number of checklists for flight simulator.  But, having another Notepad window open to read the text line (checklist item) is quite distracting and the white background of the window makes things difficult to see for night flights.

Okay, so this isn't a perfect world, so I will settle for a menu-less, border-less text editor with the capability to make the background black and the text white or green (sort of like Q10).  It would have the ability to shrink it vertically to only see one line at a time.

--- End quote ---

This app creates a transparent window that displays the contents of any text file.  If it detects markdown, it will display it formatted in markdown.  The one thing I've still not been able to solve is always on top on full screen (instead of full screen windowed) games.

NANY 2016 Release: Text Overlay ToolNANY 2016 Release: Text Overlay ToolNANY 2016 Release: Text Overlay ToolNANY 2016 Release: Text Overlay Tool
And one screenshot of it in use over a game:
NANY 2016 Release: Text Overlay Tool


With .NET 4.5 installed, unzip application to location and run.

Feature Map


* Opens Text or Markdown files (if the file is formatted in markdown, it displays the markdown format)
* Allows the preview to be refreshed manually
* Specify an opacity of the window
* Allow the changing of the background of the window
* Can export to HTML or PDF (determines which one you want by filename used)
* Borderless, movable, resizable minimal interface
* Window background can be set.
* Can be set to always on top
* Watches chosen file for changes, and updates on the fly.
* Global Hotkey to enable control no matter where the cursor is

* Add Global Hotkey customization to the settings dialog.

nice  :up:

Updated to register hotkey.  For now, it's WIN+SHIFT+F9 to scroll up, and WIN+SHIFT+F10 to scroll down. But I will be putting in an interface in the settings to customize that.

Spotted that Test Overlay Tool as written up today:

"The software has a straightforward interface and really good to read a text file or Markdown file. I really like the fact that I can always keep it on top and view contents of my files in its transparent window."
--- End quote ---

Thanks!  This is the first time I've been written up for a NANY entry :)


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