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ToolWiz Time Machine anyone using it?

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I am reading a forum from when ToolWiz Time Machine was in beta.  The reaction of most of the people trying it was very positive.  Since my Restore Points almost never work I was thinking of using Time Machine in tandem with Macrium Reflect.

Also I think it may have embedded the ToolWiz Time Freeze functionality.  Sounds like a cool freeware.  But I am fishing for horror stories before jumping in the pool.  :)

Wilders has the "sandboxing & virtualization"-directory, where a few threads are about  ToolWiz - the first listed is about 25 pages!

Wilders has the "sandboxing & virtualization"-directory, where a few threads are about  ToolWiz - the first listed is about 25 pages!

-Curt (October 12, 2015, 02:16 AM)
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I know ToolWiz Time Freeze works on W8. I have used it for some time.  What I am trying to find out before trying it is if the ToolWiz Time Machine will work.  The last version to my knowledge was released in 2013 and I see no mention of support for GPT drives.  I want to try it because my System Restore does not work and TTM is a replacement for it with the difference that it works on the disk sector level rather than the file level as Restore Points do.  For this reason the default cache file of 1.5 GB can hold a lot of snap shots.  Also people say it works even if your VSS and/or System Restore does not.  I didn't see any mention of GPT and Windows 8 back when they were discussing TTM Beta as that must have been around 2011.

I just don't want to scramble my entire HD if the program is not GPT compatible.

Edit: I found a reference here where ToolWiz claims GPT and UEFI support for both TTF and TTM:

This could be a very nice freeware. It is not for replacing stuff like Macrium Reflect or other system image programs.  It is a replacement for System Restore that does not use System Restore itself.  It does it on its own at the sector level.  I think I will give it a try today.

Hopefully I'll be posting a bunch of smileys later that all went well.   :)

No joy.  It installs.  I can create a snapshot.  But when I select the snapshot and hit the Revert To Selected Snapshot button, I get a msgbox that says Warning: selected invalid function.

Too bad.  I was hoping to replace the hole left by the broken System Restore mechanism.

I'm using TTM since some years ago without issues. It works very well and is useful if a user want try an app. for some days and after to revert the system. Also I use it even with TTFreeze on and none issues.

Using Win 7.

Never had such warning (Warning: selected invalid function), however.


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