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strong micro usb cable

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I tend to break micro usb cables I use to charge my mobile.
They bend and no longer make good connection to charge the phone. (I need to rebend them and hold them in a specific position to charge, etc)

can you find me please a usb cable that won't have that problem?

it should also charge/sync fast (not like cheap alternatives that make the phone charge in 12h)


My first stop when looking for hardware recommendations (in Europe) is somewhere like Amazon -- look at number of stars and read reviews for various products. I generally look at the 1/2/3 star reviews, but keep in mind that these days most products are shipped with a certain percentage of duds which usually get a one star review.

it should also charge/sync fast (not like cheap alternatives that make the phone charge in 12h)
-kalos (October 10, 2015, 09:11 AM)
--- End quote ---

I thought it was the charger that controlled this, not the cable (except for devices that used entirely proprietary charging cables).

And more to the point of the thread - I've gone in a different direction with my USB cable purchases.  I get inexpensive cables that are cheap enough to have many replacements in a drawer ready to go. I probably lose more cables than have them go bad on me.

I get the 'Premium USB' cables from Monoprice.  They aren't the cheapest, but they're inexpensive enough - about $3 for the 6 ft length - to have spares and I like that they're lightweight and flexible (which may be the opposite of what you're looking for). The drawback to Monoprice is they haven't gotten on the bandwagon of offering some sort of free shipping deal.  I've gotten used to free shipping for most of my purchases.

Monoprice cables are supposed to have a lifetime warranty, and I'm in the process of RMAing one right now that has had the cable jacket separate from the micro connector.  I'll try to remember to post how well the RMA process goes.

Update for anyone who cares (13 Oct 2015): Monoprice replied to my RMA request with the information that the cable is out of stock and isn't expected to be back in stock until 25 Dec 2015(!).  They gave the options of getting store credit or waiting.  I opted to just wait even though that seems to be a long time for getting an item like that back in stock.

There is a way to realize this, but it requires you to get a new phone with a micro-usb-c connector, that is far more robust than current micro-usb connectors, and allows the aparatus to really fast-charge. The new Nexus 5X and 6P phones qualify these specs, and there are new Samsung and Huawei devices one their way to the market


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